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Samurai Karate

Samurai Karate gives classes for all ages and abilities & our training will support personal development!!

Kensington, Australia
Professional Training & Coaching
Joined May 8, 2021
The Samurai Karate is a non-political martial arts training and rank registration organization supporting all traditional self-defense oriented martial arts practitioners regardless of individual training style or rank. Samurai Karate was established so that the martial artists who train in traditional, reality based, combat self-defense methods would have a way of distinguishing themselves from the modern sport oriented martial arts community. Through education and training, it is our goal to help put the “martial” back into the martial arts. Samurai Karate also acts as a centralized “ranking” agency and provides a standardized rank advancement program so that independent solo practitioners as well as professional martial art instructors and school owners can continue their personal development thru rank advancement. We feel that all components combined will promote a synergy that helps build the foundation towards higher self-esteem, discipline, and essential behavioral skills to do well in school and in their daily lifestyle. Find out Why Martial Arts is the most effective activity for children. The use of drills and exercises that involve throwing, kicking, grappling, and punching, not only provides physical fitness, but other benefits such as improvement in focus, memory, teamwork, discipline, self-control, balance, and coordination. Our Martial Arts will prepare your child to have positive mental and physical skills that will help them in school, at home and in life. It’s never too late to learn how to be in control of your mind, body and emotions with the intent, direction and skill to take care of your personal safety. You will quickly understand why our other Program is the ultimate style to get in shape and stay in shape while learning how to defend yourself at the same time.