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Serugo Simon Kato

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Joined July 15, 2020
Hello,friends hope this mail finds you well,I'm by names of serugo simon Kato from uganda Africa ( Kampala) I inhaled chemicals in a due-course at my work place and was rushed to hospital when I was unconscious and was put on oxygen for 3 hours consecutively, then after doctors did an x-ray for chest and found I had gotten a problem with breathing termed as respiratory distress and an ultra sound scan that found out that one of my intestine had got a serious crack that measured 14.5 cm wide,doctors(st francis hospital) recommended surgery The very day at 7:05 pm was taken to the theatre and I was operated and put in an intensive care care for 24 days each day day I'm supposed to be paying 250$ When my boss herd of the incidence that I'm in an intensive care unit he decided to terminate my services while I'm still in the hospital and remember I have no father my father died in 1998 when was still a little boy ,and my mum who could give me support she is suffering from breast cancer and she in uganda breast cancer institute and still my family of 3 kids have to eat and paying for the school fees ,currently I'm still in a hospital undergoing treatment as I'm looking for potential generosity hearted people to help me out I ask for help through the Almighty God, Thanks to those who act accordingly and donate something for my health and family as well May God bless you all Yours serugo simon Kato