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Snowed In Studio

An Ottawa-based game development studio that helps create everything from mobile games to AAA console titles.

Ottawa, ON, Canada
Computer Games
Joined October 29, 2021


Incorporated in February 2010, Snowed In Studios specializes in game development and custom software solutions for games. We leverage our industry experience and focus on the process to ensure that we deliver quality solutions, on time and on budget, while maintaining project visibility for our clients. Specialist developing for console, PC and Mobile: - Game development for console, mobile and PC titles - Porting to console, mobile and PC - Development of DLC - TRC/TRC - Touch, VR and Camera-based games - Tech demos Technical Knowledge - User Experience - User interfaces - Game Engines & Tools - Graphics and Visual (2D & 3D Rendering systems) - Networking - Working with most industry-standard API and SDK With a portfolio of over 20 projects and more than 30 games - Snowed In Studios was the developer of Deus Ex Human Revolution: Director's Cut - Snowed In Studios helped the development of multiple renown title like: Shadow of Mordor, Sims 3, Tiny Brains and The Undergarden. - Snowed In Studios ported 24 popular PC titles to an Intel-based television set-top box - Snowed In Studios is the developer of Windforge Snowed In Studios has the flexibility and depth of knowledge to tackle a wide range of projects; from game-ports to interactive software, if you need it we'll build it.