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SysAid Technologies

Helps IT work smarter with Service Automation based on a decade of AI from over 4,000 organizations.

Airport City, Israel
Computer Software
Joined October 12, 2021


SysAid uses service automation to make IT work smarter, not harder. With a help desk that practically manages itself, millions of users around the world enjoy faster, smoother IT service. And IT service teams get a break from their repetitive manual tasks and some time to actually do the work they love. In the ITSM game since 2002, SysAid provides the fix that IT has badly needed. Faster service, lighter workloads, and a way smoother service experience. And IT is only the start. Across the organization wherever there is service—from HR to Procurement and everything in between—SysAid makes things run smarter. So, teams across the digital workspace stop running in place and start driving innovation forward. SysAid partners with over 5,000 customers, from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises across 140 countries and is available in 42 languages.