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SysAid Technologies LTD

SysAid is a market leader in mid-tier IT Service Management, Our SaaS ITSM solutions serve over 4,000 customers globally.

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Joined November 1, 2021
When SysAid started in 2002, one thing was clear – the old way of doing IT wasn’t working. So we decided to fix IT with Service Automation – powering a smarter help desk that practically manages itself. Giving millions of global customers around the world faster, smoother IT service, while giving IT service teams a break from the grind and some time to actually do the work they love. The best part is, IT’s just the start. From HR to Healthcare, and everything in between – wherever there’s service, SysAid makes things run smarter. So, teams across your digital workspace stop running in place and start driving innovation forward. Go beyond just getting things done, and help your entire team start making big things happen.