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The Career Agent

Candidates -Find your perfect career Employers -Find your perfect candidate. We are recruitment experts for both candidates and companies.

London, United Kingdom
Staffing & Recruiting
Joined January 28, 2022


The Career Agent brings career coaching to individuals, to find your ideal career, then help you land a job in that area. We also offer recruitment services to companies, to ensure they hire candidates who are driven to bring success to the company. The established recruitment model is broken. Recruiters are incentivized to convince candidates to take jobs that may not suit them and incentivized to convince employers that their candidate is the right one. I delve deeper, to understand the individual and the business - to critically analyze the suitability of each candidate. The Career Agent is here to fix recruitment! I set-up The Career Agent in May 2018 and have been driving the business forward ever since. I am always keen to meet with individuals and employers to discuss their challenges, so get in touch to arrange an introductory call.