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The Metanoia Project

Seasonal overnight shelter for Cleveland's unsheltered homeless population

Cleveland, United States
Human Services
Joined September 22, 2020
The Metanoia Project is a 501 (c) whose origin dates back to 2007 after the Cleveland Police Department's 2nd District called together a number of community activists and homeless advocates to discuss an ever-growing concern: why were there so many individuals living outside during the life-threatening winter months despite the availability of shelters in the area? This subset of the homeless population was then identified as those who did not fit into the traditional shelter system. This was due to a number of circumstances that could include trauma, mental illness, substance use, not wanting to be separated from their partners or belongings, and general distrust of traditional services/service providers. From this realization that shelters are not one size fits all, The Metanoia Project (Greek translation "change of mind", a "reversal in thinking") was born as a solution. By removing barriers and responding with compassion and innovation, The Metanoia Project is able to provide overnight respite and care to these men and women who would otherwise be staying in tents, doorways, alleyways, abandoned buildings, and other precarious environments during Cleveland's treacherous winter months.