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The National Alliance of Research Associates Programs

United States
Joined July 29, 2020
Vision All emergency departments near colleges will serve as a link in a national network for clinical research, a vehicle for primary health care screening and prevention, and a locus to foster the development of future health professionals. NARAP looks to change how we facilitate primary health for large segments of the U.S. population, how we conduct clinical research efficiently, rapidly and at low cost, and how we develop and select future doctors and health professionals. Mission Centered in emergency depts across the US, NARAP is a non-profit clinical research org. facilitating large scale, national, multi-center studies to increase the quality of healthcare delivery nationally, especially in the areas of screening and prevention. Our work engages vast numbers of pre-health professional students as data collectors in the studies, providing enhanced clinical opportunities unique to the research setting while teaching the fundamentals of interacting with patients. Research NARAP has primarily focused on Primary and Preventative Care and is now open to any study that can utilize our unique research model. Programs Our standardized programs run out of our research sites, which are centered in emergency departments across the country. Through our many sites, we engage large numbers of volunteer pre-health professional students, providing enhanced clinical opportunities unique to the clinical research setting. We offer opportunities never before available to colleges and pre-health professionals. Through our program, college students gain experience with hands-on patient interaction and clinical research.