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Unheard Cries

Unheard Cries is a Christ-inspired nonprofit organization that raises awareness and helps eliminate Middle Eastern poverty.

Fresno, United States
Human Services
Joined September 25, 2020
Thank you for checking out our page! We appreciate each and everyone of our supporters. Through God's grace, Unheard Cries has led an effort to dent Middle Eastern poverty since 2016. Between funding medical supplies for a clinic in Gaza to sending emergency supplies to Lebanon to sponsoring children in Egypt and more, we've taken the blessing of serving in multiple countries in the Middle East. As you may already know, denting Middle Eastern poverty is an enormous undertaking, and that's why we need all hands on deck. Younger or older, inexperienced or experienced, we have a role for everyone. Please consider supporting our mission by adopting a leadership position with Unheard Cries. Thanks again!