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Volunteer in VietNam for Community Development

Volunteer with orphange kids in Ha Noi VietNam

Hanoi, Vietnam
Community Development
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Joined September 27, 2020
VVCD is a non-profit organization established in 2015 to improve the education and living conditions for people in difficult circumstances in Vietnamese society. Our activities include caring, educating, health activities and community development, etc. VVCD's aim is to bring a better living conditions and education for vulnerable members of Vietnam’s society. Vietnam still faces many difficulties however we believe that with our relentless efforts plus the enthusiastic help from international volunteers we can make good contribution to the development of community. In the process of working at orphanages there are still barriers to language and lifestyle but we are trying to learn and overcome those barriers by organizing meetings, exchanges and training with international volunteers to bring benefits for all parties OUR MISSION: Our mission is to promote voluntary work with the aim of nurturing cultural exchange and friendship while caring for disadvantaged people OUR GOAL: Our goal is to provide support for our local community and vulnerable childrenVVCD has developed a reputation as the leader in affordable volunteer travel in Vietnam. By working directly with local organizations in the country where our programs are based, we are able to keep our fees low and ensure these go towards meaningful community projects and local employment. + Our programs: Our project program includes educational activities, social skills development to be available for orphans, vulnerable subjects such as women and people with disabilities. With all the projects we carry out, international volunteers play a very important role, they bring new things to local people, exchange culture, develop education,change negative habits and practices that badly affect to health, knowledge and skills development of those we want to target. We would like international volunteers to understand that your role is very essential it is like an extra pair of hands to help, especially with orphanages where children are involved. The more help available the better. When working at an orphanage or a nursing home, it is important that you show the initiative and enthusiasm to immerse yourself into the job and spend your time productively . High­lights Learn about the Vietnamese culture and Buddhist relion whilst volunteering with VVCD ( Volunteer in Vietnam for Community Development Various programs availabe to make your experience unique Make memories and form frienship to cherish forever Help out at places where your work is hightly appreciated Travel around wonderful country of Vietnamese and enjoy magical landscape during your day off
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I did not get any contact information. Even they did not approached me. I had no idea how to contact them.