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Csaba Kiss

3d graphic artist, product visualizer

More than 10 years of experience in the world of 3d graphics. As a junior I worked at a creative agency, later I learned some game-development, but since 2013, I'm a professional, full-time freelancer 3d artist working on product visualizations most of the time for very different companies, including watch manufacturers, laboratory equipment trading company, keyboard start-up, carpet manufacturers and so on. I love this lifestyle and the different clients I have the opportunity to work with! Favorite areas: - Hard surface product studio shots - Product illustrations (full CG or photo composites) - Configurator images for webshops (different variation of colors, materials for the same product) - Turntable animations - 3d object creation for real-time experiences (AR, VR, Facebook 3D, etc) or for 3d printing On my personal side: I live in Hungary, Central-Europe, in a small town. I love spending time with my beautiful wife, daughter and son!