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Cyrus Nyakundi

Nairobi, Kenya
Content Writer at Upwork
Consumer Electronics
Joined July 24, 2023



Transforming Ideas into Impactful Communication: Unleashing the Power of Words. A writer's true prowess lies in their ability to vividly convey thoughts. I specialize in taking these raw ideas and crafting them into a symphony of clarity through the art of editing. It's more than just fixing punctuation – I sculpt the direction and style, breathing life into the words. I'm not your average proofreader; I'm a creative alchemist. From academic finesse to captivating articles, from compelling scripts to monumental manuscripts, I shape diverse forms of content. Equipped with cutting-edge tools like ProZ, I'm not just an editor; I'm a language virtuoso, curating words that resonate and captivate. Let's weave your ideas into an eloquent tapestry that leaves a lasting impact."
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Jan 2018 – Present
Content Writer
As a freelancer, I have had the privilege of working with diverse clients across various industries. This experience has allowed me to improve my writing abilities and develop a versatile writing style that can adapt to the unique requirements of different projects. I take great pride in my research capabilities, ensuring that every piece I create is well-researched, accurate, and reliable. Meeting deadlines is a priority in my work ethic. I understand the importance of timely delivery and appreciate the value of your organization's time. You can trust me to consistently deliver high-quality content within agreed-upon timeframes, allowing your team to focus on other critical tasks.