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Danish Ali

Karachi, Pakistan
Joined April 5, 2023


I have a strong background in server-side programming, particularly in Node.js. As a Junior Node.js Developer with one year of experience, I have honed my skills in developing scalable applications that meet the needs of businesses. One of my notable achievements as a Node.js developer is the development of a content management system. This system was built on Adonisjs, a robust Node.js framework, and it is designed to handle large volumes of data while ensuring smooth performance. The system's scalability has made it a valuable asset to the company, and it has received positive feedback from users. In addition to the content management system, I have also worked on a social media platform backend that was built on AWS Lambda. This project allowed me to gain experience working with serverless architecture and further expand my knowledge of Node.js development. Overall, my expertise in server-side programming, particularly in Node.js, has allowed me to develop applications that are both scalable and efficient. I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to expand my skills, and I believe that my experience and enthusiasm make me a strong candidate for the job
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Weuno Technologies Pakistan
Aug 2022 – Apr 2023
Jr Nodejs Developer
My role was to maintain and develop the server side systems.