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David Mathew

Senior Software Developer at Zillow

Seattle, United States
Senior Full Stack Java Developer at Zillow
Joined May 23, 2024


Based on the provided resume, I am a highly experienced Full Stack Developer with a strong background in Java development, encompassing both front-end and back-end technologies. With over nine years of experience across diverse industries, I have a proven track record of leading teams, improving application performance, and implementing cutting-edge technologies to drive efficiency and innovation. My strengths lie in my ability to design, develop, and deploy robust applications while ensuring project requirements are met efficiently. I am particularly skilled in Java frameworks such as Spring Boot, Spring MVC, and Hibernate, as well as in utilizing DevOps practices and cloud services like AWS and Kubernetes to streamline deployment processes and enhance scalability. Additionally, my experience in leading junior developers and collaborating with cross-functional teams showcases my strong leadership and teamwork abilities. I am enthusiastic about leveraging my expertise to contribute to impactful projects and drive continuous improvement in software development.
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Jan 2020 – Present
Remote, USA
Senior Full Stack Java Developer
Led a team of nine engineers in Java Spring Boot web application development, resulting in a 40% speed increase and a 25% reduction in bugs. Boosted application performance by leveraging Java 8, J2EE, Spring, and React/Angular/Vue, resulting in a 20% improvement in speed and a 30% increase in user satisfaction. Implemented DevOps and CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins, boosting code quality by 35% and slashing deployment time by 70%. Engineered serverless solutions with AWS, Azure, Lambda, enabling scalable operations and reducing operational costs by 45%. Strengthened security measures through advanced authentication and authorization protocols, reducing security vulnerabilities by 60%. Developed a Java-based reporting tool, decreasing report generation time by 50% and increasing data accuracy by 80%, leading to a 40% improvement in decision-making processes. Improved database performance through SQL query optimization and migration to a distributed NoSQL database, resulting in a notable 20% reduction in response time. Collaborated with team members, utilizing Git for version control and GitHub for project management, resulting in a 30% decrease in deployment errors.