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David S. Thomas

Blockchain, Python, and Fintech Developer with a background in operations management seeking to bring my passion to new opportunities.

Bend, OR, United States
Information Technology & Services
Joined May 5, 2022


Developer and operations manager with a background in managing enterprises across multiple industries. Educated in Python, Web3, Solidity, Pandas, and machine learning with a focus on Fintech and Blockchain development. Passionate about financial analysis, organizational efficiency and technological disruption, particularly utilizing Web3 and machine learning across seemingly disparate businesses and the economy writ large. While most of my professional experience is in operations management, I recently completed a Fintech and Blockchain Bootcamp at UC Berkeley Extension and am looking to apply my skills in a more tech-centric way. I am particularly excited about the possibilities of Web3 implementation in reaching underserved communities that may not be able to access traditional banking as well as portfolio construction with a focus on ESG investing. My strongest technical skills are in Python, Solidity, Web3, and Fintech.