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Envy Bakers

Creative Writer

Social media analyst and curater at Pramanik Providences Pvt. Ltd
Writing & Editing
Joined April 1, 2023
As a skilled writer, I have a passion for crafting engaging and impactful content that resonates with readers. With [insert number of years] of experience in [insert relevant writing genres or industries], I am confident in my ability to produce high-quality work that meets the needs of clients and exceeds their expectations. My writing style is versatile and adaptable, allowing me to effectively communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner. I have a keen eye for detail and take pride in my ability to proofread and edit my work to ensure accuracy and consistency. I am experienced in conducting research to inform my writing, and I have a strong understanding of SEO principles and best practices. Additionally, I am proficient in various content management systems and can easily adapt to new platforms and tools. As a writer, I am committed to delivering projects on time and within budget, while maintaining open communication and providing exceptional customer service. I am always looking to expand my skill set and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the writing industry. Overall, I am a dedicated and passionate writer who is committed to producing top-quality content that meets the needs of clients and exceeds their expectations.
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Pramanik Providences Pvt. Ltd
Jul 2020 – Present
Social media analyst and curater