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Eucharistic Youth Movement Akaba Chapel

I am Rev. Br. Stepen Okurmu, one of the founders of EYOMAC, ECONCADIA, SHALOM SAVING Group, MBCTC founded by Marian Brothers.

Kampala, Uganda
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Joined July 24, 2023


Introduction The socio-economic situation in the Project area Many people in the community earn their livelihoods through small scale agriculture; growing mainly cassava, groundnuts, millet, sorghum and sweet potatoes. While the livestock includes cattle, goats, sheep and poultry. Other economic activities include fishing and petty trade. Over the years, the economic base has continuously been distorted by civil war which lasted for over three decades. This was punctuated by two bouts of rebel activities; first by the Uganda People’s Army (1986-1992) and, later, by the Lord’s Resistance Army (2003). The harsh political and economic environment resulted into loss of most productive assets and capital for communities throughout the region. The difficult economic situation in the region has further been aggravated by harsh and unpredictable weather patterns. As a result of unpredictable economic security, the communities are slowly adopting other non-traditional economic activities, especially petty trade, stone quarry and small-scale production. The community is steadily growing as shown by the number of people engaged in group farming. The Brothers of Immaculate Heart of Mary have set up their community in Akaba Zone Centre to promote the mission of the Catholic Church by training women, youth and children especially school drop outs with life skills, home economics, self-sustaining entrepreneurial skills, and other practical vocational training subjects with the aim of bringing them closer to Jesus Christ in the Church.