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Software Engineer

Lahore, Pakistan
Information Technology & Services
Joined October 9, 2022


Hi! āœ‹ I'm Fahad who is reliable, hardworking and meeting deadlines. My passion is build your products completed with high quality! šŸ’Æ Technical Skills āœ… 4+ years of experience in building Single-Page Web Applications and Large-Scale Web Applications using ReactJS (Redux, Flux,...) and AngularJS. āœ… Strong proficiency in JavaScript, HTML, CSS. āœ… Strong proficiency in cross-browser and high-performance CSS: LESS, SASS/SCSS. āœ… Experienced in REST API, WebSocket. āœ… Experienced with component frameworks: Material-UI, Semantic-UI, Bootstrap. āœ… Experienced with common front-end development tools: Gulp, Webpack, NPM, ESLint, Babel ... āœ… Familiar with source control tools: Git, Bit Bucket. āœ… Familiar with project management tools: Jira, Asana. āœ… Having ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical specs. āœ… Having ability to work autonomously as well having good communication is highly desired. āœ… Having a strong product mindset: "Your product is my product! ā™„" šŸ’Æ What's you get from me? āœ… Create fast your products with clean code and good structure. āœ… Ensure that the overall your product is robust and easy to maintain. āœ… Problem solving, attention to design and quality product is the most important. āœ… Willing to learn new modern technologies to apply into projects. āœ… Available to communicate 24/7