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Fern Aarsen

Joined December 27, 2022
So nice to meet you! My name is Fern, founder of Cherith Creative. l have been a yoga teacher, run a teaching business, retreats workshops and trainings. Through all of this I know first-hand the struggle between running a profitable business, yet staying passionate about the projects while feeling bogged down by the backend work that is crucial to running a successful business. I have over 10 years of administrative work experience, 15 years of customer service experience and 2 years working as a social media manager for a six-figure author. From social media management I took on other administrative jobs and quickly became her virtual assistant. In the process I discovered how much I loved working from home, having the flexibility to work and being able to hang out with my dog. Over the years and job experiences I have gained several key skills; good work ethic, the ability to learn quickly and the resiliency to adapt to a busy and every changing work environment I am dedicated and strive to succeed at whichever project is sent my way. In my previous job I began as a receptionist for a 200+ employee company, but quickly learned and took on many other roles throughout my department. Eventually moved on to assist the manager with running the office. I was relied on to fill in whenever and wherever I was needed, learning to be flexible and learn on the job. I trained all the new staff and my duties included but were not limited to: coordinating meetings, organizing social events, coordinating and booking travel and many other administrative initiatives. I am thankful to be able to apply that experience and knowledge to my work with all my clients. I look forward to meeting you and learning how I can help you with your business!