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Gediminas Bukauskas

Certificated .NET/C# programmer

Kaunas, Lithuania
Programmer, project manager, Freelancer at Different companies in USSR, Lithuania, USA and WEB
Studied Physicist (Electronics) at Vilnius State University
Joined May 18, 2020


I am old certificated .NET/C# programmer working with .NET 18 years. All ASP.NET MVC versions including ASP.NET.Core and WEB API are well me known. Data base processing I can do with pure ADO.NET, Dapper, Linq to SQL and Entity Framework. More than 20 years I perform data processing on SQL and SQL-Like databases. Strong skills in T-SQL and PL/pgSQL allows me to build very efficient queries for MS SQL Server, mySQL and PostgreSQL. Knowing T-SQL and CLR very well I am especially good in speeding up pure written slow sites, projecting databases and relations between tables in the database. Last 7 years I was working on support of large responsive, multilingual hybrid applications (ASP.NET MVC + Angular) and front-end programming is not a problem for me. I am working and feel free with JavaScript (ES5, ES6), jQuery, Bootstrap, TypeScript, RxJS, CSS3 and HTML5. Angular JS was my main JavaScript framework for long time. 3 years ago switched on Angular 4+ and now am working with Angular 8,9 Material design. Being full-stack programmer I can help you in client-side and server-side programming. Knowing well Blazor (client-side and WASM), ASP.WEB Forms, ASP.NET MVC, FoxPro, Clipper and Delphi I am especially good in modernization old sites or applications. I live in Lithuania (+3GMT). Human languages: Lithuanian (native), English, Russian (at mother tongue level).
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Different companies in USSR, Lithuania, USA and WEB
Jan 1975 – Present
Lithuania, remote tasks on WEB
Programmer, project manager, Freelancer
Started programmer's carrier in USSR on famous IBM 360. I was working on different machines and projects. Last 7 years I am working as freelancer in full-stack WEB development
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Vilnius State University
Sep 1968 – Aug 1973
Bachelor, Physicist (Electronics)