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Genika Stewart

Graphic Designer / Content Creator

London, United Kingdom
Joined September 12, 2021



All round creative. Graphic Designer / Content Creator. Specialising in video editing and motion design. Videographer and Director. Let’s create!
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Mar 2021 – Sep 2021
Content Creator / Graphic Designer
I create original and unique assets to be distributed across three platforms 5 days a week - Instagram, Facebook & Linkedin. As well as leading their social media channels, I’m also the company’s sole designer and oversaw and designed for their big rebrand. I create monthly newsletters, blog assets, posters, tv assets & motion graphics for sponsored ads. I’m also the in-house photographer in charge of headshots. I source, record & edit the introu podcast. And lastly, the event manager successfully hosting introu’s first social event - organizing food & beverages, entertainment & marketing.
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Aw Offices / Scope
Mar 2021 – Sep 2021
Content Creator / Graphic Design
I not only designed and curated AW Offices’ social feeds but I oversaw and designed assets their rebrand to Scope. I filmed content and worked alongside Scope on their marketing strategy to secure a partnership with FBC (Finsbury Business Centre) - FBC by Scope. I also took the company’s headshots and designed the monthly newsletters.
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Sep 2014 – Oct 2020
Graphic Designer
2018 - 2020: Designer on BT’s weekly digital newsletters. Communicating closely with the editorial team creating motion graphics for banners, gifs and designing embedded emails to be sent out to customers across the UK. 2019 - 2020: Designer on BT’s ‘Our Planet with David Attenborough’ campaign. Subtitler on post across all social platform as well as video editor on several post. 2019: Designer and shoot asistant on BT’s ‘Help Desk Series’ campaign. I work as a script supervisor and data ingest techician on the shoot. Later editing and designing final footage into 5-10 minutes videos to help customers with their services. 2019: Designer on Lay’s campaign. Producing youtube bumpers for their euporean sector. 2020: Designer on Walker’s website. Creating new website banners and copy focused on their ‘Taste Icon’ campaign. 2018: Designer on Costa’s ‘A Costa Christmas’ campaign. Creating several motion graphics for Instagram and Facebook. 2019: Designer on Costa’s ‘Arla lactose free milk’ campaign. Developed customized design concepts for videos advertising their different lactose free coffees. 2019 - 2020: Designer on Costa’s website. Creat 2018: Designer and video editor on Unilever’s ‘Lipton Green’ digital campaign. 2018: Designer and video editor on Unilever’s Pure Leaf social ads. 2020: Designer on Unilever’s ‘Persil - The Scaredy Snake: A mini movie made by kids’. 2017 - 2019: Videographer and editor of Analogfolk’s internal events. 2017 - 2019: Videography and editor of Analogfolk’s internal fimling sessions.