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Gia Mai

Writer; actor and host of events / co-ordinator; human resources and mentor; customer support agent (that takes 1/3 of me only 😍)

Hello friends and colleagues! I am a creative and content writer, voice over artist, counsellor and a performance coach, with someone would say mind-blowing and heart-opening imagination. I take in information and learn quickly, I am very good at being your assistant of refinement in organising and coordinating your events; supervising and motivating your employees; or with my extensive knowledge of acting and human psychology, I am a good sales trainer, negotiator and experienced storytelling, whether that be in acting or writing. I am very detail-oriented and devoted to what I always embark on. My primary and most desirous fields of (co-)creation and work are storytelling, event organising and coordination, mentorship, acting and customer support.
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Basirly; Fitcy health
Jan 2018 – Present
Counsellor and advisor
Giving fully committed and professional online counselling, with my extensive experience in self-development and understanding of the human condition and behaviours, consequently providing spiritual evolution, focus and development of individuality and sensory perception, that allows for uninterrupted work and fulfilling personal growth
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Jan 2015 – Present
Actor, creative writer and host/coordinator of events
Years of practice the craft of storytelling, either in written or embodied work, motivation and inspiration
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SOS Children's Village
Oct 2021 – Jul 2022
Direct recruiter of individual donators
Greatest success in live promotion, motivation and on-spot recruitment of individual donators
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Jan 2018 – Jan 2022
Around the globe
Life, health and creative coach; writer and actor
Plenty of success and references from professional collaborations on content and creative writing, mentoring and assisting individuals, as well as acting gigs