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Gil Moura

Videographer & Video editor

Porto, Portugal
Studied Comunication and Multimedia at University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro
Studied Audiovisual at Mariana Seixas Professional School
Joined May 13, 2020



Native or Bilingual
Hello, My name is Gil and I’ve wanted to work with video ever since highschool. Altough I initially studied Informatics, what I ever really wanted was Audiovisual, which has always fascinated me. I decided to start over in an area that actually made me happy and so video quickly grew to become a passion of mine. I am the type of person who loves challenges and I am always eager to learn something new and improve myself. Being a freelancer is something that I always wanted, to be able to balance work and pleasure. After my degree I did freelance for 3 years and I also created a Kickstarter project with ceramics. The project was successly founded and a new challenge to create my own brand - Preto Ceramic - was born. For the past two years I’ve been involved in all the logistics of creating a company and a brand, including website design, seo management, product photography, social media management and client assistance. All of this allowed me to built upon my flexibility to deal with problems while maintaing focus. Notwithstanding, I never lost my joy for video. Currently I desire to refocus and dedicate myself to my true passion. Besides my ability to capture and edit footage, all my past academic and professional experience helped me build skills in photography and graphic design as well. I consider myself a valuable team member with excellent interpersonal and organizational skills. I am highly resourceful and have great attention to detail whilst working both practically and theoretically. Portfolio -
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University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro
Jan 2011 – Jan 2015
Barchelor , Comunication and Multimedia
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Mariana Seixas Professional School
Jan 2008 – Jan 2011
Professional degree , Audiovisual