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Giselle Gebhart

Wesley Chapel, United States
Data Entry Clerk at Engineered Comfort Solutions (ECS)
Joined June 11, 2024



Native or Bilingual
My work interests is to sustain trusting and stable relationships with my coworkers and clients. I am able to elucidate this well with my own personal morals and ideals, as I am a very considerate, genuine, yet disciplined and formulated person. I feel as if an ideal environment is where logics and emotions can coincide together in a balanced manner, and to know when to utilize these abilities as each person and interaction is different. When communicating with individuals, it is optimal for me to keep an open mind so I know how to perfectly cater and accommodate so they will feel content with their experience, and more than willing to return and trust the company that I am working with.
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Engineered Comfort Solutions (ECS)
Jun 2024 – Present
Data Entry Clerk
Currently have no experienced. Is interested in this position.