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Glaiza Abadilla

Customer Service PRO/Trainer/ Sales and Marketing Professional/V.A

Cebu City, Philippines
Marketing & Advertising
Joined October 10, 2022



I have been in the Business Process Outsourcing world for the past 17 years. Started from being in the frontline of Customer Service, I have learned the art and the science of effective customer communication. Eventually assigned to various leadership roles. One of the most significant was being a Process Trainer for an Ambulance service provider in the United States. Because of the knowledge and expertise acquired from years of relevant experience, was able to build my very own Call Center specializing in voiced and non voiced processes. Digital Media Marketing and Sales are our forte. I would be glad to connect with you for possible business partnership and process/campaign offerings. I am now currently working with one of the most prestigious company in Consultancy across the globe. Being part of this company has sharpened my learning of the Retail Business world apart from the theories learned in my business course. Having been part of the World's largest retail companies, I have acquired set of skills that is relevant in running and managing retail or any business per say. My strong belief in RESPECt and DEDICATION has made me the woman I am today. I am not on the top of the mountain yet, however just remembering the hard work and the trials I had to go through to be where I am at makes me believe that I am highly favoured and no one can take that away from me. I firmly believe also that you cannot please everybody, things in life are all balanced so you will always have promoters and detractors. The circumstances in the outside world cannot be all controlled by us- but out reaction to those circumstances - we can. So let go of the things you can't control and take charge of your own self because you alone have the power to control that. Thank you for the time reading this. Looking forward to doing business and collaborate with you!