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Greta Poliuskina

Digital Illustrator

United Kingdom
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I’m Greta, a self-taught illustrator behind my artworks and goodies you’ll see here! I’m passionate about drawing animals, flowers ,berries, trees and other adorable cuties, exploring everything with spiritual sense of joy and mixing up all of the collected experience in children wall art illustrations. I’m originally from Lithuania, but currently settled in the North of UK. The missing warmth and sun light here I trying to replenish with a bright artwork using positive colour pallets. When I’m not working on designing products for my shop, I’m watching cartoons with my two sons, hiking with them on a country side and discover more nature,dreaming together, having a fun time and laugh , studying graphic design and illustration when my boys have their school lessons , planning my first picture-book for children ,enjoying massage and yoga practice, reading books and listening to music.