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Harris Saleem

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer at Myr
Computer Games
Joined May 29, 2024



I am a seasoned Software Engineer with over a decade of diverse experience in freelance and corporate environments. My expertise spans multiple programming languages, including Java, Unity, C#, and .NET, and I am proficient in developing full software development life cycle (SDLC) projects. I have a strong background in database management (PostgreSQL, MySQL) and DevOps practices (AWS, Docker), and I am passionate about transforming creative visions into reality through innovative software solutions. My work interests lie in designing, developing, and installing robust software solutions that meet user requirements and exceed expectations. I thrive on the challenges of integrating software components into fully functional systems and ensuring their operational feasibility through rigorous testing and debugging. My strong sides include a meticulous attention to detail, a commitment to writing well-designed and testable code, and an ability to troubleshoot and upgrade existing systems efficiently. I am a collaborative team player with excellent communication skills, and I am dedicated to maintaining software functionality and ensuring it is updated with the latest features. My goal is to deliver exceptional user experiences and contribute dynamic skills and leadership to any team.
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Jul 2020 – Present
Senior Software Engineer
As a Team Lead and Senior Software Engineer at MYR, I have played a pivotal role in managing and guiding the development team while ensuring the seamless integration and functionality of real-time networking solutions. My responsibilities and achievements include: • Leading a team of developers, fostering a collaborative environment, and ensuring project milestones are met efficiently. • Developing and optimizing real-time networking code using Orleans and APIs to support seamless interactions and communications within applications. • Writing and maintaining high-quality code using C#, ensuring robustness and scalability in the solutions provided. • Utilizing Unity and various VR/AR technologies to create immersive and interactive user experiences. • Implementing and managing cloud-based solutions using Microsoft Azure to enhance application performance and reliability. • Managing code repositories and collaboration using Git to maintain version control and streamline development workflows.