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An Azure Resource can have Multiple Delete Locks

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Limitations & Best Practices Although multiple delete locks offer heightened protection, overusing them might complicate resource management. We'll explore best practices and potential limitations. In Microsoft Azure, a resource can indeed have multiple delete locks applied to it. Delete locks are a security feature that prevents the accidental or unauthorized deletion of Azure resources. These locks can be set at different levels, including the resource group level or the resource level. Click Here For More Details>>>>>>> Each delete lock acts as a safeguard to prevent the resource from being deleted, and multiple locks can be applied to a single resource if necessary. This can be useful in scenarios where you want to provide an extra layer of protection to ensure that critical resources are not deleted without proper authorization. These delete locks can be managed through the Azure Portal, Azure CLI, PowerShell, or by using Azure Resource Manager templates, depending on your preferred method of resource management. It's essential to carefully manage and document these delete locks to avoid unintended restrictions or deletions of resources in your Azure environment.