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Ibrahim Osman

Thunder Bay, Canada
Joined March 31, 2023
Hi there! I am a curious individual who loves to explore and experiment with different things. I have a keen interest in science, particularly in how it relates to the world around us. This has led me to undertake many projects in the field of robotics, where I have been able to explore the possibilities of using technology to aid us in our daily lives. Alongside my love for science, I am also an avid football player, and I enjoy the competitive nature of the sport. I believe that sports can teach us many valuable life skills, such as teamwork and perseverance. When it comes to space, I am fascinated by the mysteries that lie beyond our planet. I have conducted extensive research on topics such as the black hole and time travel, using technology to better understand these concepts. While I believe that Earth is the best place for humans to live, I also think that the use of AI and robots can greatly benefit us. For example, we can use them to explore and colonize space, particularly in areas where human life would be at risk. This idea is something that I am currently working on, and I would be more than happy to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share my passion for exploring the universe. So if you are interested in this exciting field of research, feel free to reach out to me!