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Ilya bullygin

For a unique design, branding or corporate identity, that's me

Moscow, Russia
Joined November 23, 2023



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Hi.  Need to come up with a unique design for your business so that the company is memorable and brings in money like CoCa-Cola❓❓❓❓ I have come up with corporate identity designs for over 90 startups around the world. My unique method of corporate identity, logo design will give you a one-of-a-kind logo and corporate identity for your company. Which will help you make money Do you want a unique style❓ Email me in private messages and get your FREE  consultation to design or redesign your company style. My experience in graphic design spans many areas: 1️⃣ Construction indystry 2️⃣ Beauty services 3️⃣ Domestic services (cleaning, tire service, food delivery, fitness centers) 4️⃣ online products (video screensavers, magazine covers, online schools, online stores) 5️⃣ e-commerce dropshipping 6️⃣ Concerts, events, entertainment programs. ✍️Я created logo design and design consulting for companies such as: *ASOS*| *SCHEIN* | * 5 wheels*. My work is always based on the end goals of my clients, and most of them want to be recognizable to increase their profits. Already over 55 companies have increased their recognizability by 27% after designing the corporate identity of the companies I created for them. This is where you'll see what clients are saying about me: ""If you are looking for an expert to design your corporate identity, no one will do it better than Ilya. Unique method of working with clients, does from A to Z. As for logo design, Ilya makes art."" (Alex Evans)倫 ""Our manager was pleasantly surprised at how much Ilya knows about corporate identity and memorable logos. The sales department now works easily as we are becoming popular. "" (Eva Parson)‍♀️ ""We worked with many freelancers and were very lucky to find Ilya, he was able to help us with logo design, presentation and corporate identity in general. Ilya was just guessing what we needed.""(Jessie Moore)‍聆  A couple more words about my results in graphic design: ⚡Designed corporate identity for 90 startups in various fields. ⚡ More than 5 years of experience in graphic design. ⚡ Earned over $200,000 for my clients. If you still have questions about your company identity design and want to draw attention to your business/product/event. ✍️То write me in private messages and I will be happy to answer your questions. Regards, Илья隸‍♂️ My Skills: branding brand designer creative branding Social Media Marketing Adobe Photoshop brand development brand design branding strategy creative presentation design Social Media Marketing Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Social Media Management Logo Design Presentation design Illustration Creative Writing presentation development"