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J.R. Jones

TV Show producer, Country Music artist and songwriter

Madison, United States
Joined July 31, 2021


I am a producer and network content promoter for music shows fora local network and the new Nashville Country Television Network on ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, and Android boxes world wide. Most of our show producers are talented in the music industry including show production but are limited on time and skill for editing. They also need editing for their shows. Our producers need volunteer help since they are not skilled enough or have limited time to get things done. Our network is about giving opportunities for the interested and deserving who may never have an opportunity in Television at this level. We are located in Nashville with unlimited and deserving artistic talent who have this great opportunity but want to share it with others. When ad revenues are generated through the above networks, funds will become available to pay for these jobs. You do not have t o live in Nashville, TN for editing etc. We need more camera crews since we have about 30 producers, some of which have multiple shows and crews should live in or near Nashville. TN . For more info on our productions