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Jessica Ranft

Junior Front-End Web Developer

Brasília, Brazil
Information Technology & Services
Joined December 21, 2022



Native or Bilingual
My name is Jessica Ranft, I'm Brazilian and British, and I'm a Junior Front-End Web Developer. My main skill areas include HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, and Node.js. I'm currently studying at the Rocketsead academy, where I'm learning to be a complete Front-End Web Developer specialist. The course is absolutely fantastic, and I'm enjoying every step of it. I'm completely in love with web programming, and I cannon wait to start working and growing in this field. My passion for web development started years ago when I was 12 years old and first discovered websites. I felt absolutely amazed by them and decided that I would learn to create my own website, no matter what. I learned HTML and CSS by myself, studying the source code from other websites, and started creating and publishing my first websites. A few years later, I landed my first freelance job as a web designer, and that was my first job ever. I continued working with website creation and maintenance throughout all my student years - from my last years of school until university. These were the jobs that paid for my student's needs. After university, I stopped working with websites, doing just a few minor jobs for friends, and I started working as a piano teacher (my university course was music, focused on classical piano). I kept teaching piano until recently, when I discovered that, while I love music and playing piano, my real professional ambition is in the technology field. I then decided to start a course about web development, so I can update myself with the latest technologies, and also to "properly" educate myself in HTML and CSS and all the other languages and technologies involved. I am enjoying every step of the course and feeling more and more motivated by each new thing I learn. I'm the type of person that LOVES a good challenge, and when I have a project in hand I'll do everything possible to achieve the BEST result. That means that I research and read a lot in order to learn a new code/feature I don't know how to apply, and I dig as much as I need to find out a solution that works well. I'm looking for work in an enterprise where I can use my knowledge and passion as a Junior Web Developer, and where I can learn more and evolve continuously until I become a Senior Developer. My main goal at the moment is to enter this amazing technology industry and evolve with it. I love how the industry is always evolving and we always have something new to learn.