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Jhaeyelle de Dios

Senior - Lead UI/UX Designer

Manila, Philippines
Information Technology & Services
Joined October 9, 2022



To Whom it may concern, Good day! I am Jhaey, and I'm applying for the position of UX Designer. I graduated with a Fine Arts major in Advertising. At first, my goal was to work and hustle in the world of advertising but when I lived in NZ to study further, my career changed when I landed a Visual Designer role at Spark NZ after my graduation. I found both my passion(arts) and my love for solving daily problems through my career as UX/UI Designer. Since then I never stopped upgrading my knowledge in this field. I'm now into 7-8years of experience as a UI/UX Designer. I worked in different countries namely Philippines, Vietnam, and New Zealand which gives me an advantage into working in a diverse and multicultural environment. I've led a UX Team in Vietnam for almost 1 and a half years for one of the pioneers in the gaming industry, Gameloft Inc. My current job is an Australian real estate company but we do have an office in Manila. They are investing into Fintech and one of the projects I spearheaded for UI/UX was the GoTo Australia app. It is a one stop shop travel app for Australian backpackers and travelers. I consider this project as my baby as I worked on this from conceptualization, to brainstorming, wireframe, creating low and high fidelities, and prototyping. I have a very broad knowledge in UI and UX as I had experience working for Telco, gaming, real estate, travel and advertising creating designs for websites, AAA games, online tools, and mobile applications. Aside from the UI and UX skill set, I am very much confident in my digital and traditional skills as a designer. I love drawing using watercolor and acrylic medium and draw human portraits as my subject. Work aside, I love playing ukulele, sketch, and create DIYs. I am also a spontaneous traveler and love to go on a solo trip or a hike from time to time. As a traveler, I am very much willing to relocate if given the chance but I am also happy to work remotely. Hope you have an overview of who I am and give me a chance to share my passion and knowledge as a designer. Kind Regards, Jhaeyelle de Dios