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joseph penda

Douala, Cameroon
Software developer at Multi canal servises
Studied Industrial Computing at University institute of technology
Joined January 17, 2022



Dedicated and efficient front-end developer, and back-end developer with more than 3 years of experience in building applications using both frontend and backend technologies.
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Multi canal servises
Oct 2019 – Present
Douala, littoral, Cameroon
Software developer
During this period this is what I achieved for them: • I improved the stock management process and the tracking of product quantities within our warehouses by offering a stock application. This resulted in : o A gain in efficiency of our stock managers, indeed the stock module listens to the events of the delivery module (POS is a part of it) which manages orders and deliveries and allows a real-time update of the stock during deliveries to customers. So no more manual stock inventories after delivery men return late at night. o Better collaboration with the various partners whose product stocks we manage. • I enabled our migration from a third-party service (ERP: Odoo) to an internal solution specific to the company by offering in turn a web and then a mobile module for managing contacts and orders/deliveries, abbreviated as POS (Point Of Sale). This allowed: o Better collaboration between couriers, managers, and partners. For example, the messaging attached to the race allows real-time communication between the courier manager, so the couriers report the difficulties encountered with the customers to the manager who immediately sends them to the partner for their feedback ; this makes the end-of-day report more digestible for everyone. o A gain in efficiency for our managers and couriers. Managers are no longer limited to their PC and therefore less affected by recurring load shedding. In addition, features such as the offline mode of the mobile application allow the entry of orders and the processing of races in areas with a weak internet connection • I reduced the frequency of bugs in production by reviewing the delivery process of our various applications (deployment).
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University institute of technology
Oct 2016 – May 2018
associate, Industrial Computing