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Julien Joseph

Behavior Therapist

Tampa, United States
Registered Behavioral technician at Applied Behavioral Learning Experiences inc.
Studied Business Administration at Miami Dade College
Mental Health Care
Joined June 10, 2024



Native or Bilingual
Dynamic and results-oriented professional with a diverse background in healthcare, behavioral therapy, and mental health services. Experienced in implementing behavior intervention programs, advocating for patient needs, and promoting operational efficiency. Skilled in data analysis, treatment planning, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Adept at developing detailed project plans, schedules, project timelines, status reports, and processes to ensure customer satisfaction, project continuity, and the timely delivery of services. Proven track record of improving program outcomes, enhancing patient satisfaction, and driving organizational success through innovative strategies and exceptional teamwork. Strong work ethic and commitment to achieving excellence.
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Applied Behavioral Learning Experiences inc.
Oct 2021 – Present
Registered Behavioral technician
• Implement behavior intervention programs using behavior-analytic strategies for children across various age groups. • Collect and analyze data on programming targets to monitor progress and make informed adjustments. • Collaborate with parents, teachers, and caregivers to ensure consistency and effectiveness of interventions. • Conduct assessments and evaluations to identify areas of improvement and develop customized treatment plans. • Maintain accurate and detailed documentation of sessions, progress notes, and behavior plans.
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Zentech consulting agency
Dec 2019 – May 2022
Certified Nursing Assistant
• Collaborated with clinical teams to streamline processes, coordinate appointments, maintain records, and ensure compliance. • Advocated for patient needs, ensuring comfort, safety, and a positive experience throughout their healthcare journey. • Participated in quality assurance initiatives, conducting assessments, documenting interventions, and maintaining care standards. • Supported interdisciplinary care teams, promoting effective communication and teamwork among healthcare professionals. • Contributed to operational efficiency by managing inventory, maintaining equipment, and assisting with administrative tasks. • Provided basic health education to patients and families, covering self-care, medication management, and relevant healthcare information.
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Positive Behavior Supports Corporation
Jul 2019 – Sep 2021
Tampa, FL
Behavior Therapist
• Implemented behavior treatment programs under BCBA supervision, using behavior-analytic strategies to improve functional behaviors and reduce maladaptive behaviors. • Maintained accurate records, collect data, and complete daily treatment notes as per certification standards. • Delivered 1:1 behavioral intervention programs in diverse settings like homes, schools, and communities to promote positive behavioral outcomes. • Collaborated with supervisory staff to optimize treatment plans and strategies, ensuring effective alignment with goals. • Participated in training sessions and professional development activities to enhance skills and stay updated with best practices in autism behavior therapy.
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Florida Autism Center
Sep 2019 – Jul 2020
Tampa, FL
Behavior line Therapist
• Provided direct individual and group behavior intervention services, following behavior plans in various settings, and communicating progress. • Worked with interdisciplinary teams for comprehensive assessment, treatment, and support for patients with behavioral needs. • Conducted skill acquisition and behavior reduction assessments, documenting progress and adjustments under BCBA supervision. • Communicated progress and observations to caregivers, maintaining regular updates on treatment goals and strategies.
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Personal Enrichment Through Mental Health Services
Aug 2019 – Jul 2020
Pinellas Park, FL
Mental Health Technician
• Organized and facilitated group activities to enhance patient engagement and well-being within unit programs. • Supported patient transitions towards discharge and accompanied them to necessary activities like court hearings, ensuring safety and compliance. • Provided direct physical care and one-to-one observation for selected patients, documenting vital signs and following policies. • Assisted patients with activities of daily living, including feeding, bathing, and ambulation, while considering individual needs and sensitivities. • Demonstrated strong communication skills, adaptability to physiological changes in elderly patients, and provided support.
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Miami Dade College
Business Administration