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Kade Markoux

Blender 3d Artist and UE Game Dev

Palm Bay, United States
CEO / Indie Game Developer & 3d Artist at Skywolf Game Studios
Joined July 2, 2021



Native or Bilingual
Throughout my life and growing up I have learned a lot of handy and nifty tricks, awards, and certifications that I enjoy putting to use. Because of my past I have developed and crafted my skills into a form of Art with the hands-on use with all of which are mainstreamed into today's technologies and such. All of these are just a few to name that come to mind for use when I am working on projects that companies may require my help with. My ideals are comprised of these skills as I aim high in motivation and success to complete your website and/or project. As it is built from the ground up I create it, I mold it, I mend it, And craft it into a proficient well oiled machine because for every car that has a set of wheels that moves it, there is an engine at it's heart and sole that gives You, Your Company, and its Customers a life! And this is what I can and will bring to You and Your Company and/or Project! I also have skills in the following areas that can add to your project's success!
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Skywolf Game Studios
Jun 2011 – Present
Palm Bay, FL
CEO / Indie Game Developer & 3d Artist
I am the Founder of Skywolf Game Studios, a small Indie Game Development Studio based in Florida specializing in PC/Mobile Games and Low Poly Styled 3d Models alongside various small and big company projects, assets, and archviz.