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Kakasi Daniel

Web Developer

Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Studied Business Information Systems at UBB Cluj FSEGA
Studied Construction and public works technician at Colegiul Tehnic Anghel Saligny Cluj-Napoca
Studied at Liceul Tehnologic Stefan Pascu Apahida
Computer Software
Joined August 31, 2021



Native or Bilingual
Hello! My name is Kakasi Daniel and I'm interested in everything that means technology. Since I was a kid I started modifying games that I played back then, that's where it all started... my journey in building and modifying things that afterward people will enjoy using, including me. Maybe you noticed that I said things, not software that's because my will of creation is not limited to one field, I often like to build and modify real-world things, like working on my car or building something constructions related. But still, my biggest interest is in Web Development, and I consider that this job suits me, right now I know how to work with Front-End technologies such as React, Redux, Axios. But in the near future, I plan on also learning Back-End technologies leading my profession to a Full-Stack Web Developer. One project that I'm proud of and I think that expresses my skills is Audio Planet Store, you can check it out at this link: Also, you can see other projects made my, on my portfolio, wich you can reach through the following link:
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Jun 2021 – Aug 2021
Bachelor's degree, Business Information Systems
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Colegiul Tehnic Anghel Saligny Cluj-Napoca
Sep 2017 – Jun 2021
High School, Construction and public works technician
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Liceul Tehnologic Stefan Pascu Apahida
Sep 2009 – Jun 2017
Secondary school + middle school