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Kalsoom Daniyal

Freelancers writer

Faisalabad , Pakistan
Writing typing and data entry expert at Freelancer
Studied Beachlar at Allama Iqbal open university Islamabad
Writing & Editing
Joined June 7, 2024



I am a digit writer from last e years. I can provide quality work. You will get 💯 accurate work in limited time.
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Jan 2022 – Present
Writing typing and data entry expert
Helo dear; *Writing*: Writing is the process of creating written content, such as stories, articles, essays, and reports. It involves expressing ideas, thoughts, and opinions in a clear and coherent manner, using proper grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. Writing can be creative, technical, or academic, and is a vital skill in various fields, including literature, journalism, marketing, and education. *Typing*: Typing is the act of inputting text into a computer or typewriter using keys. It requires speed, accuracy, and efficiency, as well as proper hand positioning, finger placement, and keyboard familiarity. Typing skills are essential in today's digital age, as they enable rapid communication, documentation, and data entry. *Data Entry*: Data entry is the process of accurately and efficiently entering information into a computer system or database. It involves typing, formatting, and reviewing data to ensure accuracy and consistency. Data entry is a crucial task in various industries, including business, healthcare, finance, and government, as it enables the management and analysis of large datasets. Let me know if you'd like me to modify or expand on these descriptions!
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Allama Iqbal open university Islamabad
Jan 2020 – Jan 2024
Office management , Beachlar