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Khachik Grigoryan

Frontend Developer

Yerevan, Armenia
Studied Radiophysics and Electronic at Yerevan State University
Information Technology & Services
Joined July 21, 2023



Native or Bilingual
My name is Khachik, I am a frontend developer with three years of experience. I am proficient in Vue.js, including Vue 2 and the latest version of Vue 3. I thrive in creating well-structured and scalable applications, paying special attention to the principles of DRY (don't repeat yourself) code. During my career, I have successfully completed three projects from scratch, demonstrating my ability to manage the entire development process, from idea to deployment. One of my strengths is attention to detail, which drives me to create clean and efficient code. I strive to be aware of the latest industry trends and best practices. Thanks to my knowledge of Figma, I can effectively collaborate with designers. I am excited at the prospect of joining a dynamic team where I can share my skills and continue to grow as an interface developer. With my technical knowledge, dedication, and passion for creating user-friendly interfaces, I believe that I will be a valuable asset to your organization. My main skills are Vue js, Javascript, Tailwind, Bootstrap, Git, Vuex, VueRouter, CSS, Laravel.
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Yerevan State University
Sep 2014 – Jun 2018
Bachelor, Radiophysics and Electronic