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Kristen Nelson

Program Manager/Events Specialist/Customer Success

Hello! My name is Kristen, and I am a dedicated and highly organized Program Coordinator with extensive experience in planning, organizing, and executing complex and diverse programs and events. With a strong foundation in administrative support, logistics coordination, and team collaboration, I am passionate about driving successful program outcomes and fostering effective communication across all levels of an organization. Throughout my career, I have spearheaded the planning, organization, and execution of numerous educational programs and events, serving as the primary point of contact for key teams. My ability to coordinate logistics, manage budgets, and facilitate communication has been instrumental in ensuring the smooth operation of each event. I am proficient in handling incoming calls, emails, and other communications, directing them to the appropriate departments or individuals. I have experience managing incoming and outgoing mail and courier services, ensuring timely and accurate delivery. Additionally, I am skilled in data entry, filing, and document management tasks, maintaining organized and efficient records. In office management, I excel at maintaining and organizing office supplies, ordering new supplies as needed to ensure the office is well-stocked. I am adept at ensuring office equipment (printers, copiers, fax machines) is functioning properly and coordinating repairs when necessary. I am committed to keeping common areas such as reception areas, conference rooms, and kitchens tidy and well-stocked. I have extensive experience in preparing and editing correspondence, reports, and presentations, ensuring accuracy and professionalism. I am skilled in scheduling and coordinating meetings, appointments, and travel arrangements, optimizing time management and efficiency. I am proficient in assisting with basic IT issues, setting up workstations, troubleshooting software and hardware problems, and liaising with IT support for more complex issues. I ensure all office software and hardware are up-to-date and functioning efficiently, minimizing downtime and disruptions. Providing excellent customer service is a key aspect of my role. I address and resolve issues promptly and professionally, ensuring a positive experience for both internal and external clients. I am known for my friendly and professional demeanor, fostering positive relationships and a collaborative work environment. I have extensive experience in planning and executing office events, meetings, and training sessions, ensuring all logistical aspects are handled seamlessly. I am skilled in coordinating room setup, catering, and equipment needs, ensuring events run smoothly and successfully. I have successfully managed program budgets, forecasting resources and expenses to align with revenue targets and organizational objectives. I have negotiated contracts, managed vendor relationships, and ensured compliance with regulatory requirements for program delivery. I have also overseen the recruitment, development, and maintenance of content experts and facilitators, fostering a network of reliable resources. I have analyzed program outcomes and participant feedback to drive continuous improvement and inform future program development. I manage inventory and storage of event supplies, optimizing resources for efficient program delivery. I have developed event formats and staging for in-person, online, and hybrid educational programs, adapting to evolving needs and preferences. Additionally, I have played a key role in identifying new business opportunities, following up on leads and referrals, and tracking outcomes to generate additional revenue. My strong organizational and time-management skills ensure that all tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. I have excellent written and verbal communication skills, facilitating clear and effective information exchange. I can multitask and prioritize tasks effectively, managing multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment. My attention to detail and accuracy ensures that all work is of the highest quality. I am proactive and able to anticipate the needs of the office, providing solutions before issues arise. I am adaptable and able to handle a dynamic work environment, quickly adjusting to changing priorities and requirements. My strong problem-solving skills enable me to work independently and as part of a team to find solutions and achieve goals. In summary, my comprehensive experience in program coordination, administrative support, technical troubleshooting, and customer service, combined with my strong organizational skills and proactive approach, make me a valuable asset to any team. I am passionate about driving successful program outcomes, fostering effective communication, and contributing to the overall success of the organization.
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The Ohio State University
Feb 2017 – Present
Columbus, Ohio
Program Coordinator
As a Program Coordinator, I spearhead the planning, organization, and execution of diverse educational programs and events, serving as the primary contact for key teams. I coordinate logistics, manage budgets, facilitate team communication, negotiate contracts, oversee content experts, analyze outcomes, manage inventory, develop event formats, and identify new business opportunities to ensure the success of each program.