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Lace Piscitelli

Digital Marketer

Emeryville, United States
Marketing Manager at Crane Terrace Winery
Joined June 10, 2024


🪴 Currently: As a Marketing Manager for Flowhouse Oakland, I excel in crafting compelling content, orchestrating strategic media campaigns, and achieving remarkable results for the brand. My approach integrates data-driven marketing skills, SEO expertise, PPC management, and social media engagement to drive traffic, conversions, and loyalty across the brand’s online and offline channels. ✨ Passion: My fervor for people and marketing stems from the ever-evolving landscape of trends and technologies. Thriving at the forefront of innovation, I bring a rich background in multiple industries, including healthcare, e-commerce, and education. This diversity allows me to offer fresh perspectives and strategies. Additionally, being a certified Web Designer, I am keen on creating user-friendly and responsive websites that elevate the customer experience, showcasing the winery's products and values. 💛 What Draws Me: I am particularly drawn to people-centered organizations, believing in the transformative power of connecting with and impacting individuals through storytelling and empathy. My journey includes a degree in Social Work from Diablo Valley College, reflecting my intentional choice to work with organizations where marketing is not merely a job but a means of making a positive difference in the world through storytelling. 🔍 Looking For: Eager to contribute my diverse skill set to a forward-thinking, people-centered organization, I aim to be part of impactful marketing strategies and customer success initiatives. Armed with strong communication skills, a knack for problem resolution, and the ability to collaborate across functions, I am ready to drive both customer advocacy and business growth. Let's connect and explore opportunities for meaningful contributions together!
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Crane Terrace Winery
Jan 2022 – Present
Marketing Manager