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Lee Calhoun

Versatile Professional with Expertise in Customer Support, Marketing and Sales

Fernandina Beach, United States
Writing & Editing
Joined November 16, 2023
With a diverse background spanning healthcare, high-end hospitality, and college sports, I am the proud owner of a thriving massage therapy and rehab business. My work interests lie in wellness, sports, and fostering team camaraderie. Passionate about helping individuals follow their dreams and feel their best, I find fulfillment in seeing smiles and contentment. Armed with skills in sales, empathy, and heart-centric marketing, I excel in connecting with people and managing diverse projects. Notable achievements include the successful launch of my business, promotions, and orchestrating large-scale marketing events. As a hardworking and caring professional, colleagues commend my kindness and collaborative spirit. Beyond my entrepreneurial endeavors, I find joy in playing sports like pickleball and volleyball, showcasing a belief that personal and professional pursuits can seamlessly coexist.