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Lively Michael

Los Angeles, United States
Full Stack Engineer at Letsremotify
Joined May 23, 2024


I'm a problem solver and solution finder. If you give me a challenging task, I'll find the solution. If I don't immediately have the answer, I'll search until I find it and resolve the issue.
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Feb 2021 – Present
San Francisco, CA, USA
Full Stack Engineer
• Spearheaded the design and implementation of a customer portal using ASP.NET MVC and React.js, leading to a 20% increase in user engagement. • Enhanced data exchange efficiency with RESTful APIs in ASP.NET, leveraging SQL Server for robust backend support. • Achieved a 25% reduction in application response time by optimizing C# code and fine-tuning SQL Server databases, validated through comprehensive NUnit testing. • Directed an ASP.NET Core team, ensuring the development of scalable and maintainable code while adhering to SOLID principles. • Architected microservices with .NET Core, Docker, and Kubernetes, resulting in a 40% scalability boost and implemented CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins for streamlined deployment processes.