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Lizeth Viviana Rodriguez Martinez

Business administrator, with extensive experience in administrative processes: purchases, contracts, personnel management.

Bogotá, Colombia
Studied Business administration, purchasing, marketing, human resources among others. at Universidad EAN
Studied Accounting and Finance at SENA
Studied commercial and administrative baccalaureate at COLEGIO DEL SANTO ÁNGEL
Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing
Joined April 4, 2023


Native or Bilingual
I am a leading business administrator, with excellent relationships and communication with clients, suppliers, purchase and contract management, and experience in different sectors.
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Apr 2017 – Feb 2023
• Coordinate the administrative processes of the Corporation (purchases, supplier management, supplier evaluation, leasing, payroll management, affiliations and news to social security, marketing, sales, rental arrangements). • Coordination, design and implementation of the sanitation plan, emergency plan, safety and health system at work. • Management of personnel, training, management of schedule of functions and activities of the personnel in charge. • Attention to internal and external clients. • Manage and coordinate medical and nutrition visits for the elderly. • In charge of audit visits Secretary of health and secretary of social integration.
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Sep 2016 – Mar 2017
• Responsible for making purchases of materials, tools, supplies and services required by different engineering projects nationwide. • Management, management and control of quotes, comparative charts and negotiation with suppliers. • Responsible for generation of purchase orders in SAP, acceptance of services and materials. • Responsible for linking new suppliers, study, handling and management of documentation for the respective link. • Responsible for coordinating transportation to send materials to hydroelectric plants nationwide. • Responsible for the coordination and logistics for the transportation of personnel nationwide. • Management of travel agencies, hotel reservations, agreements with travel agencies and airlines. • Responsible for managing and coordinating training courses at heights for hydroelectric plant personnel. • In charge of date changes for payment with national suppliers. • Responsible for the purchasing committee with Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and Colombia to establish and consolidate suppliers for the region looking for better prices and payment dates.
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Oct 2015 – Jul 2016
Junior Purchasing Analys
° Responsible for making purchases of the company's marketing area at a national level, management of POP material, IVC, media, purchases related to maintenance services, lodging, purchases of technology in general; management, management and control of quotes, comparative charts and direct negotiations with suppliers. ° Responsible for the generation of purchase requisitions, purchase orders and acceptance of services, goods and supplies in SAP. ° Management of policies, which cover the different purchases and negotiations with suppliers. ° Handling SARO and Sarlaft. ° Responsible for supplier management: documentary review, security study to link and create new suppliers in SAP (management and compliance with queries from pages such as: CIFIN, VIGIA, WORLD CHECK, RUES, SUPERSOCIEDADES, AMONG OTHERS). ° Responsible for creating suppliers in the SAP system. ° Responsible for creating codes of materials, goods and services in SAP. ° Responsible for the generation of commercial certifications. ° Responsible for the coordination and logistics for the transportation of personnel nationwide. ° Management of travel agencies, hotel reservations, agreements with travel agencies and airlines. ° Management of suppliers, internal and external clients.
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Oct 2013 – Jan 2015
Contract Management and Control Technician
° Responsible for reviewing, registering, sending, formalizing and controlling contractual documents for the purchase of goods, services and civil works for the company nationwide. ° Monitoring and management for the signing of contractual documents by the legal representative and suppliers. ° Obtaining, managing and reviewing the policies that support and protect the negotiations with suppliers. ° Entry of contracts to the Neon program. ° Preparation of monthly management reports for purchasing management. ° Preparation of biweekly reports of the policies issued by the insurance broker. ° Registration in the contract control matrix and weekly report of the contractual processes. ° Manage monitoring and control of payments made to suppliers that have not formalized the contractual documents. ° Membership and payment of the ARL to natural person suppliers. ° Sending physical communications to suppliers through the Simad tool.
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Aug 2012 – Aug 2013
Administrative assistant
• Coordination, registration and management of the manufacture of test tubes to carry out ballistic tests and approval of the final client. • Coordination of flight reservations for the export of test tubes to ballistic laboratories and commercial units worldwide. • Management of purchases and imports of raw material for the manufacture of test tubes. • Responsible for the coordination and logistics for the transportation of personnel nationwide. • Management of travel agencies, hotel reservations, agreements with travel agencies and airlines. • Payment and billing registration to suppliers. • Management and control of the monthly expenses of the area. • Coordination of logistics and maintenance issues in the area.
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Jun 2011 – May 2012
Administrative assistant
° Management and monthly accounting of Leasing contracts: (Opening and Amortization). ° Acquisition of documentation for the opening of leasing contracts. ° Inclusion of goods leased by leasing in the company's global policy and sending endorsements to the bank. ° Handling of flat files. ° Causation of Supplier billing (collection accounts, payment of fees). ° Responsible for the 190 points of sale of the causation, control and payment of business accounts (Public Services): ETB, GAS NATURAL, CODENSA, MOVISTAR, ACUEDUCTO, EPM, TELEFONICA, ETC. ° Control of legal documents points of sale. ° Petty cash management. ° Safe management of confidential company documents.
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Sep 2009 – Jan 2010
° Preparation of presentations for the board of directors of the company, ° Collaboration in the preparation of financial reports (balance sheets, income statements). ° Assistant to the planning and control management with handling of: correspondence, messenger, file, agenda, commuter, internal and external customer service).
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Universidad EAN
Jan 2013 – Sep 2017
Business administrator, Business administration, purchasing, marketing, human resources among others.
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Jan 2009 – Jul 2010
Professional Technician in Documentation and Record of Accounting Operations, Accounting and Finance
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Jan 2004 – Nov 2008
Commercial high School, commercial and administrative baccalaureate