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Logan Killam

Videographer/Photographer - Editor - Drone Pilot

I am a photographer, videographer, and editor of 3+ years. I have just recently begun drone operation with the completion of my Part 107 license. I am very detail-oriented and know what quality looks like. I have a Bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and am continuing to gain experience every day.
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Hansen Auction Group
Oct 2023 – Present
Video Editor/Videographer/Photographer/Drone Pilot
I make corporate videos (start to finish), social media materials, photoshop promotional graphics, get aerial footage, and supply almost 100% of my own equipment (from freelancing).
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Vyberant Media
Jun 2020 – Present
Freelance Photographer/Videographer
I have put my knowledge to the test by utilizing my skills and technological tools to create finished results for my clients. Subject matter ranges from weddings, to senior pictures, to Airbnb real estate. My work has been published in a newspaper as well as made it into the official marketing material of several companies.
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The Camera Company
Nov 2021 – Oct 2023
Madison, WI
Product Expert/Sales Associate/Educator/Video Expert
I worked on the sales floor of both store locations helping guests find the perfect purchase. I needed extensive knowledge about cameras, lenses, photographic principles, accessories, attachments, real-world experience, among many other topics. I would teach classes to people in the greater Madison area, as well as do photo outings where we got out and about with our cameras. I helped create/design signs and tags for the store. And I helped intake lab orders in a precise and organized manner. I also ran our eBay shop for a duration to help items sell online that were not in store.