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Lorenza Oprandi - Medical Translations, Content Writing, Copywriting

First-rate (Medical) Translations EN, DE > FR, IT / Content Writing & Copywriting (IT, FR) / Online Language Teaching (IT, DE)

Lorenza Oprandi, 1971 - Professional Linguist, Translator/Redactor since over 20 years - Book author (novels, therapeutic tales) since many years - Professional Language Teacher since over 20 years - Med-Tech during over 10 years - Non-verbal Psychotherapist during 5 years - Semi-pro Singer during many years - Bilingual Italian-French - German and English: Fluent - Switzerland, Italy, France WHAT I OFFER - High-quality (Medical) Translations (English and German > French and Italian) - Transcreation-Localization (English and German > Italian and French) - Medical Content Writing (Italian and French) - Copywriting (Italian and French) - Creation of web-content (+ SEO) - (Italian, French, German) - Creative Writing (Italian and French) - Transcription (Italian, French, German) - Writing-Coaching (Italian, French, German) - Therapeutic Writing (Italian, French, German) - Online language Teaching (Italian and German) - Non-verbal language as a memorization tool LANGUAGE VARIANTS - Italian: Switzerland and standard-Italy - French: Switzerland and standard-France - German: Switzerland CONTACT & INFORMATION: POPOV Language Academy – The Professionals of the Verbal and Non-Verbal Language