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Margarita Lobzhanidze

. Graphic designer, illustrator

Moscow, Russia
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Member since October 30, 2020
Gogosha lives in Russia, but Rome for her is a city of heart and inspiration. She has a master's degree in industrial design and has experience in graphic design. Member of the Union of designers of Russia. Since 2014, she has combined her studies at the University and work in the publishing and printing complex, where she was a graphic designer. In 2018, she implemented her project «BALANCE BIKE ELLIOT», having developed a working prototype of a children's running bike using the latest technologies and design method. The product was created at the Digital design Factory at La Sapienza University of Rome. At the end of the internship, she invited and took part in the industrial exhibition «Maker Fair di Roma» in Rome. In 2019 graduated from the master's program «Theory and practice of creative design in the field of design». Received a patent in the Russian Federation for a useful industrial model of her first children's running bike, Balance bike «Bumblebee». After returning to Russia, Gogosha started working as a graphic designer in Moscow. In the first place, she started studying illustration. In the process of working, she understands that she needs more to draw and practice in the field of fashion illustration. Now Gogosha devotes all his free time to illustrations. ​