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Matthew Nafeie

Experienced compliance analyst with a track record in efficient, task management, and attention to detail.

With years of customer service skills, and emotional intelligence training, I can adeptly negotiate my way though some of the most difficult conflicts while producing an equatable solution that benefits all.
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Wells Fargo
Nov 2019 – Oct 2023
Hillsboro, OR
Escalation Specialist
• Principal advisor for oversight of escalated customer queries, identifying trends of recurring issues from cases and developing feedback to management for process improvement and training opportunities. • Managed a high-volume pipeline of 15 to 20 cases daily, reviewing and addressing complaints from internal and external sources, surpassing daily closure targets by resolving 3 to 4 cases per day, exceeding the goal of closing 2 cases daily. • Achieved a recontact rate for duplicate complaints well below the 3% threshold, surpassing the standard of 5%. Additionally, maintained a quality rating exceeding 90%, outperforming the 60% benchmark standards. • Utilized data analysis systems to conduct comprehensive root cause analyses, leveraging company policies, procedures, and federal regulations. • Provided recommendations to management on personnel actions. • Engaged in stakeholder interviews to identify underlying issues and formulate data-driven recommendations for corrective actions to prevent recurrence. • Championed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) publication initiatives for a department of over 1000 members, orchestrating meetings and disseminating diversity toolkits to foster a culture of inclusivity. • Spearheaded efforts to enhance Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policy by submitting recommendations for updates, facilitating constructive discussions between employees, leadership, and complainants, and delivering compliance feedback to support policy enhancements. • Consulted the Civil Rights Act, ADA, and discrimination policies for all identified complaints to verify compliance and ascertain the necessity of any required action items. • Maintained in-depth record of client communications and interactions, ensuring accurate documentation for regulatory compliance and efficient issue resolution
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Portland General Electric
Oct 2011 – Jan 2019
Tualatin, OR
Customer Service Representative
• Oversaw a wide range of customer inquiries encompassing billing, electric usage, service rates, contract details, and new construction concerns. • Leveraged energy usage data analysis to deliver personalized rate recommendations, resulting in a 37% increase in customer satisfaction and a measurable improvement in energy efficiency. • Strategically managed discretionary funds to provide customized payment solutions aligning with both customer requirements and financial management objectives. • Assessed data analytics to quantify improvements in customer satisfaction and reductions in errors, resulting in a savings of $185,000.00 in lost revenue. • Implemented and maintained comprehensive records management systems, ensuring efficient organization, retrieval, and retention of information in compliance with regulatory requirements and organizational policies. • Collaborated cross-functionally to swiftly address billing issues, service concerns, and design queries, ensuring a seamless and positive customer journey. • Achieved exceptional service quality, surpassing set benchmarks with a remarkable quality score exceeding 93%, while consistently assisting an average of 30-35 customers daily. • Performed thorough analysis of interim billing processes, utilizing feedback and error data to streamline and enhance billing procedures, resulting in a 25% reduction in processing time. • Facilitated cross-departmental collaboration to identify critical adjustments and establish actionable steps, ensuring project advancement and alignment with organizational objectives. • Delivered routine updates to executive and senior leadership, fostering transparency and alignment throughout project lifecycles, ultimately contributing to a 31% improvement in project outcomes. • Spearheaded DE&I initiatives, including establishing a charter for a Veteran’s Business Resource Group and planning diversity events to support recruitment efforts.
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US Bank
Oct 2005 – Sep 2011
Gresham, OR
Fraud Analyst
• Performed data analysis to identify and mitigate potential financial losses to the bank, aligning with federal AML/BSA guidelines. Independently assessed transactions, resulting in actionable recommendations that mitigated risk exposure and prevented substantial fiscal loss. • Utilized fraud detection software and tools to monitor account activities and identify anomalous patterns indicative of fraudulent behavior, leading to timely interventions and risk mitigation. • Drafted and delivered action notices to customers, ensuring timely and detailed execution to safeguard against reputational and financial harm. • Engaged with law enforcement and legal entities, effectively communicating complex information in accessible, non-technical terms, resulting in a 28% increase in successful resolutions. • Conducted comprehensive assessments of suspicious transactions, utilizing forensic accounting techniques to uncover irregularities and recommend corrective actions. • Prepared detailed reports and presentations for management and regulatory agencies, outlining findings, trends, and recommendations to enhance fraud detection and prevention measures. • Facilitated comprehensive training sessions for new employees on federal reporting processes, resulting in a 48% decrease in errors and ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements. • Developed and executed compliance reviews to ascertain organizations' adherence to laws, regulations, and policies governing the management and disposal of both physical and electronic records and information. • Assessed the efficacy of internal controls to guarantee the proper management and security of information and records. • Recognized as a subject matter expert in human resource functions, to include onboarding new hires. • Managed the daily preparation and submission of a vital federal report, ensuring meticulous adherence to stringent deadlines and regulatory requirements.