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Mayank Bajaj

About Myself and the Services I provide.

I am a critic who also loves to work as a artist and mostly do freelancing work on Fiverr. I have been working as a freelancer for almost 3 years now and mostly write articles, blogs and reviews on anything possible. A well-written article doesn't just convey information, it speaks directly to the target audience, informing, inspiring and empowering them to take action and finding joy in the work that they are pursuing. With over 3+ years of experience as a freelance copywriter and researcher, I know how to craft engaging and mind-boggling Reviews, Posts, Blogs and Articles that grab the audience's attention and them out of the water. Also I don't only work as a critic in itself but also as a artist and the example/proof of that can be seen in my cover image and the portfolio that I have submitted. If a article speaks to the person through its mere words than a artist too should have a talent where he connects to the people with only his imagination and thought. Also I go by the name of "zenlord1" on Fiverr Platform. Hope you like the work that I do, if we work together in the coming future.