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minyem linda

Multilingual in Technical Documents and Creative Content| Passionate about Cross-cultural Communication and Linguistic Excellence

Lagos, Nigeria
Writing & Editing
Joined June 17, 2024



I am a seasoned writer translator with 4 years of professional experience. My career has been driven by a passion for languages and a commitment to delivering accurate and engaging translations. I thrive on translating a variety of content, from technical documents to creative works. I enjoy the challenge of capturing nuances and ensuring that the essence of the original text is preserved in translation. My goal is to contribute to projects that promote cross-cultural understanding and communication. Fluent in English and French, with advanced written and verbal communication skills in both languages. Experienced in translating technical documents, literary works, and business communications between English and French. • Accuracy and Precision: Meticulous attention to detail ensures accurate translations that capture nuances and maintain the integrity of the original content. • Cultural Awareness: Deep understanding of cultural differences allows for nuanced translation that resonates with 'verse audiences.
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translation professionals Ltd
Feb 2022 – Mar 2023
Translated numerous documents from French to English in a timely and accurate fashion for a large financial firm. • Assisted in the translation of marketing materials from Spanish to English for a major international company. • Developed a comprehensive database of translated documents to be used as a reference tool for future translations.